5 Advertising Ideas as a Magician to get us out of quarantine

So what can we Magicians do with all our time during quarantine, I know most assume practice tricks and this is of cores what I am doing, but the truth is that tricks are only half of being a pro. The other half of cores is advertising/business and as most of you know this is actually even more important then just having good tricks. After all why do magic if you can't make Money doing it. I have seen some vary mediocre magicians become extremely successful and exceptional ones barely make a living. This difference almost always is due to the amount of advertising and business skills the individuals have at there disposal. So with that in mind I thought that with all this time it's perfect for refining marketing plans. Hear are few ideas on what we can do to increase are social presents and start making more money from magic.

1. Find and partner with a local cake shop or catering service so you can give discounts on their services on your Facebook or insta. This will not only Add value to your customers because you are giving them discounts on Party supplies but will Make the those local business more willing to advertise your services as well! Now is the perfect time as those business will need as much advertising power as possible coming out of the quarantine.

2. Create a blog about party Ideas and Supplies. This will bring more customers who may be having an event but not have considered a magician to your site!

3. Turn your business card into a coupon by making it so you offer discounts on the card this makes it more valuable and more likely to be kept by those you give it to.

4. Call your business card a thank you card instead of a business card. If you treat it like a gift and thank the costumer for there time there more likely to remember you in a good lite!

5. Offer people a chance to win something in exchange for liking your page. This will stream line your audience as you know that all those that like your page from such a campaign are actually interested in your service or product!

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Hello, my name is Taylor Kyle. I am a proud magician, Instagram performer,  and entrepreneur. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about what I can offer you!

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