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Corporate entertainment  

      Looking for corporate entertainment? Then your in the right place. Universal Enigma has performed hundreds of shows all over the country, has his own youtube Chanel,  and has over 4 years of experience in event entertainment. Here is what he can do for you.

What will happen

Your event will stand out

Planning will be easier 

Improved photos and videos 

Whether its a cocktail event, a rewords ceremony, or a simple Christmas party. There is nothing that brings people together like

the shared experience  of wonder. Seeing the impossible not only inspires the imagination but creates long lasting memories of your event!

Most live performances take many people and huge props, complicated equipment, and exact timing to pull off. All it takes is one thing to through it all off. My magic on the other hand is more flexible, packs small, and plays big. That is the power of a experienced corporate magician.

Nothing gets people to react like magic filling the room with smiles and discussion. This creates the perfect conditions for capering those moments through photography and video. The best part is that we can help you with that as well.  

Our Services

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Hello, my name is Taylor Kyle. I am a proud magician, Instagram performer,  and entrepreneur. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about what I can offer you!

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